School Administrators


Kurt M. Huzar, CPA, is the founder, executive director, and business manager for Arizona Preparatory Academy. Mr. Huzar is also a highly qualified math teacher.  In addition to his 18 years of charter school experience, Mr. Huzar is a certified public accountant licensed in Arizona and an Army veteran. 


Ms. Penn has over a decade of experience in educational administration and has grown with Arizona Preparatory Academy as the principal; she continues to build the school in a progressive manner that supports student’s successes.

Janette Buell

Ms. Janette Buell has worked in educational administration for years with Arizona Preparatory Academy and works in compliance as the site director; her experience stems from years of owning her own businesses throughout the east coast.

Melinda Whittle-Lopez

Mrs. Whittle is our history instructor and vice principal of Arizona Preparatory Academy; she is a fully certified educator and is furthering her education in order to receive a Master’s in Educational Psychology. She has been with the school for over 5 years and continues to inspire staff and students.

Victoria Rojas

Mrs. Rojas, “Victoria”, is one of our versatile paraprofessionals.  Her dream of being a principal one day is apparent as she has thrown her assistance in to every area of our daily operations


Mrs. Klara Esposito-Venegas works in compliance as the English teacher and vice principal for Arizona Preparatory Academy; she has a strong background in communications and journalism and has been teaching high school and college level students for over four years. She has a M.A in Education and Technology and is currently working on her doctorate in cognitive psychology and instruction.